'Son of Sal' serial killer receives 75 years to life on Friday

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN (WABC) -- Serial killer Sal Perrone was sentenced Friday morning in Downtown Brooklyn.

Perrone received a maximum sentence of 75 years to life - three consecutive sentences for his victims. The judge said he was 'lucky there is no death penalty' in New York.

Perrone walked into his sentencing, immediately looking over to address the relatives of his three victims - three innocent shopkeepers he murdered in Brooklyn for no reason back in 2012. First, Mourad Gebeli asked about his father, Mohammed, who was murdered.

"For what? What did he do to you? What did he do to you? Tell me!" said Mourad.

And then it was Jacklyn Ebbo. Perrone killed her brother, Isaac - and then there was Marjan Vahidipour. Marjan's father, Rahmatollah was Perrone's third and final victim.

"You're gonna rot in jail, and God only knows how many nights I cried myself to sleep thinking about him," said Marjan.

The victims' families came to the court for justice, but before they got it, they asked questions. Perrone, like any other defendant was given the chance to speak and apologize, but instead, he pleaded an imaginary case for 25 minutes and condemned his own attorney. He also rambled on about suspects and alibis.

"You can't get into the minds of these people, because it's like going into a swamp. You'll never get out," said Defense Attorney Howard Kirsch.

The victims' relatives all walked out as Perrone rambled, but then it was the judge's turn .

"Everybody knows what I'm going to give you, because that's what you deserve. You deserve the maximum sentence the law allows," said Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus.

With that, Perrone was sentenced to 75 years to life.
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