Suspect caught on camera stealing packages from Brooklyn doorsteps

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Carolina Leid reports from Crown Heights.

A man in Brooklyn has been caught on video helping himself to packages delivered to someone else's door.

The bizarre twist in this giant rip off in the Crown Heights section is that police found some of the loot, but didn't arrest anybody.

It couldn't be any easier for the man stealing packages from people's doorsteps on Wednesday.

Watch as he slaps open a garbage bag and stuffs several boxes inside, but it's too much to carry so he steals a cart to luge the load.

"He's done it before, it's not new," said Tamicka Linton-Jones, the victim.

Linton-Jones is one of many victims. She assumed her package was lost in the mail not stolen.

"You were supposed to get a package," Eyewitness News said.

"It was a video for the kids. I ordered it a couple of days ago. There was a delay; I thought it was a post office. I didn't think you would be anybody stealing from the building," Linton-Jones said.

Here's where it gets interesting.

The local Shomrin, a neighborhood patrol, pieced this all together.

The first quality paper goods store was robbed at the corner of Kingston and Crown Tuesday afternoon.

The owner emailed a photo to the group and about 20 minutes later a volunteer spotted the man they believe got away and followed him home.

"We saw him shuffling into an apartment. And he left all of the packages in the lobby," said Binyomin Lifshitz, a resident.

Police arrived and recovered those packages which were quickly returned to the victims.

But officers did not make an arrest.

Residents are using this criminal shopping spree as a lesson learned.

"Your packages aren't safe here. I think that people are feeling the squeeze and some people are resorting to these easy pickings," Lifshitz said.

Some say they'll use a PO Box or make sure someone is home when deliveries arrive.
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