Toddler miraculously survives after falling out Bronx window

NORTH RIVERDALE, Bronx (WABC) -- A 2-year-old girl is alive and well after falling five stories out of a window in the Bronx. The toddler landed on an awning after tumbling out the window from the sixth floor.

"I actually thought it was a car accident or something," said the toddler's father, Alexander Dzyuba.

Dzyuba says he heard a loud thump.

"Then all of a sudden I hear screaming, and I thought, 'no, that's not no car accident,' so I ran back, look out the window, and she's there sitting on that awning," he added.

2-year-old Audrianna was sitting there five stories below on their building's awning after plummeting out the sixth floor window in Riverdale. Dzyuba says he rushed downstairs, but could not reach her. It was a child on the second floor who realized what had happened.

Michaella Mui's babysitter thought it must have been thunder.

"It was a loud bump...I saw a little girl, but nanny didn't know it was a little girl - she said 'no there's not a little girl,' but I said 'there is a little girl,' And she checked one more time and she did see a little girl," says Mui.

The toddler survived with only one bruise on her arm.

The incident happened around 7 p.m. Friday night. The whole family was in the living room. When mom and dad had turned around for ten seconds, just like that, Audrianna climbed up and then fell out the window.

"I saw my cousin's face, she was like 'she fell' and everything sank," said Audrianna's mother, Kelley Dzyuba.

The Dzyubas moved into their Mosholu Ave. building only about six months ago. They say just two hours before this happened, they received a notice from their building asking if they wanted window guards installed. The guards were installed Saturday morning so this can never happen again.

Not only is it a miracle this toddler survived, it is how she fell. For their windows, the awning isn't exactly centered directly below. She also missed several air conditioner units on the way down, and avoided pigeon spikes.
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