Low-cost 3-D printed homes could help end homelessness

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Sunday, March 18, 2018
3-D printed homes could end homelessness
A low-cost 3-D printed home that could help end homelessness.

AUSTIN, Texas -- A home built in less than 24 hours with a $10,000 price tag may sound like a dream, but that is just what two companies are promising with their 3-D printed homes.

New Story a nonprofit dedicated to providing housing to developing countries has partnered with ICON, a robotics construction company based in Austin, Texas to create what many believe is the first 3-D printed house that is up to code and permissible for people to inhabit.

The affordable 800-square-foot home was built in Austin, Texas using ICON's Vulcan printer. The small house costs around $10,000 to create, but the company hopes to bring that price down to $4,000. The easy-to-replicate home was built in under 24 hours, and ICON hopes to bring the time down to six hours.

Although the only home is in Austin, the goal is to expand to other countries and bring these homes to underserved communities in places like Haiti and El Salvador.

ICON and New Story are hoping to enhance the printer and ultimately move it into the field to begin test printing in El Salvador in the next 18 months.

According to their website, New Story is working to create a world where no human lives in survival mode, by providing one of life's most basic needs - shelter. The organization works in Mexico, Bolivia, El Salvador, and Haiti. In just three years they have funded over 1,400 homes for families in need.

In the future New Story hopes to share their 3-D printer technology with other nonprofits and governments around the world.