Couple sought in strange gun incident on New York-to-North Carolina bus

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Fayetteville police investigate a strange incident involving a bus and a gun Tuesday.
Fayetteville police investigate a strange incident involving a bus and a gun Tuesday.

FAYETTEVILLE, NC -- Police in North Carolina are trying to get to the bottom of a strange incident involving a charter bus, missing money, a pregnant woman, and a gun.

Investigators say the Yep Tours bus was on its way from New York City to Florida when it made a stop just before 8 a.m. Wednesday in a Fayetteville shopping center parking lot, located off Eastern Boulevard.

A couple on the bus woke up, and the woman - who is pregnant - said she discovered money she had in a bag was missing.

While the boyfriend argued with fellow passengers about the money, the woman reportedly got off the bus and hailed a taxi from a motel across the street. She allegedly pointed a gun at the driver, demanding to be driven somewhere.

"At some point we're being told that the female possibly brandished a firearm and demanded that the taxi driver leave, according to the bus driver who was trying to delay the taxi driver," said Lt. Daniel Belden with the Fayetteville Police Department. "(And) that the taxi driver took off at a pretty quick pace."

Police have made contact with the taxi driver, who was not injured. They are working with him to figure out exactly where the couple was dropped off. They suspect the two may now be in the Bonnie Doone area.

Fayetteville was the couple's final destination. Police processed fingerprints from the woman's suitcase, which was left in the shopping center parking lot, full of baby clothes. She was also traveling with a car seat. Police said the woman appeared to be near the end of her pregnancy.

Authorities are asking anyone with information to call Fayetteville Crimestoppers at (910) 483-8477.

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