NYPD officer on vacation in Florida helps save teen from drowning

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Thursday, February 26, 2015

BAL HARBOUR, Fl. (WABC) -- On vacation, but never off duty, an NYPD officer helped save a teenager from drowning while vacationing in Florida.

Officer Albert Mammon joined a crew of rescuers and was one of the first people in the water Sunday near Bal Harbour after hearing the upstate New York teenager scream for help.

The impromptu rescue team was able to reach the teen before he went under, and quickly got him back to shore.

17-year old Christopher Tran's sister, Cynthia, said she began to cry hysterically once she felt she could not save her brother.

She admitted she was unsure how to rescue her brother but turned to other beachgoers. "I was amazed at how many people jumped in so quickly to help him," said Cynthia. "I am eternally grateful to all of you guys. It's nice that strangers would go out of their way to help someone like that."

Mammon swam towards the teen along with others. "When I went into the water he was distressed, and as we got to him, a couple of other guys were better swimmers than me, they got to him first, and when I got to him I was also taking on water," said Mammon.

The rescue team of beachgoers walked the teen back to the beach where an emergency crew gave him a checkup to make sure he was Ok.

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