16 gang takedowns so far this year credited to NYPD Gun Violence Suppression Division

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Monday, June 6, 2022
NYPD Gun Violence Suppression Division behind 16 gang takedowns
The NYPD is highlighting the work of its newly enacted Gun Violence Suppression Division and show the ways they are going after guns

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- The NYPD highlighted the work of its newly enacted Gun Violence Suppression Division at a press conference on Monday.

Mayor Eric Adams was briefed on a series of arrests of known and suspected gang members.

A tiny percentage of the population-that investigators believe are responsible for much of the violent crime in New York.

Leaders of the Gun Violence Suppression Division say there have been 16 gang takedowns this year.

"These are specific, targeted cases at people who are out there with a gun in their hand and think it's alright to shoot that gun in the city-sometimes hitting innocent people, as we've seen, tragically, in the last few months," Chief of Department James Essig said.

Overall crime in New York was up 28% in May compared to last year, yet shootings were down by 31%.

Officers made 414 gun arrests last month. The NYPD, racking up the highest gun arrest totals in nearly 30 years.

And while Adams praised the division for doing their job, he continued to criticize current bail laws.

"The courts have to prosecute," Adams said. "Judges have to make sure they stay in. The picture that's emerging after the shooting, after the arrest, after being let go, you know what they do? They go do another shooting."

They also emphasized the division's focus on removing "alpha" gang members, or those who are actually pulling the trigger and committing crimes.

Adams also said the Neighborhood Safety Teams are responsible for removing 3,000 guns off the streets so far this year.

"It's a combined effort of the men and women that are police officers," he said. "They want to go after the bad guys."

The mayor is also working with the mayors of other major cities across the country to come up with a plan in response to any action the Supreme Court takes on conceal carry laws.

"This keeps me up at night," Adams said. "If this right to carry goes through the Supreme Court, becomes the law of the land, could you imagine being on the 4 train, someone having a .9 mm exposed? Everyone on the train is carrying? This is not the wild wild West. This law is frightening to think we are even thinking about that."

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