Health department reveals New York City's most pup-ular dog names

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Most popular dog named
The American Kennel Club has named the Labrador Retriever America's most popular dog

NEW YORK (WABC) -- New Yorkers love their dogs, with nearly 85,000 currently licensed in New York City. The Department of Health on Wednesday released its annual list of the most popular names, and once again, Bella and Max are top dogs in the Big Apple.

The city registered 1,127 dogs named Bella and 1,073 named Max in 2015, continuing Bella's seven-year run as the top name dating back to 2008 (when she overtook Max).

Experts believe the trend began, in part, due to Stephenie Meyer's vampire-themed "Twilight" novels featuring heroine Bella Swan. The final book was published in 2008.

Still, some dog owners took their inspiration from the pantry and the garden.

The health department says it licensed 27 dogs named Bean, 17 dogs named Raisin and 15 dogs named Potato last year. A total of 605 licensed dogs answered to Daisy, the most popular flower name, and there were also 10 Tulips, four Primroses and two Daffodils.

Names that were popular with certain breeds included Snoopy for beagles and Tyson for boxers.

Most Popular Dog Names:

Female -

1. Bella

2. Lola

3. Lucy

4. Daisy

5. Coco

6. Princess

7. Molly

8. Chloe

9. Luna

10. Sophie

Male -

1. Max

2. Rocky

3. Charlie

4. Buddy

5. Lucky

6. Teddy

7. Toby

8. Jack

9. Oliver

10. Milo

Pet Health and Safety Tips:

--Make sure your pet is fixed: Spaying or neutering reduces the number of unwanted dogs or cats, reduces risk of cancers and helps prevent territorial aggression. Studies show unaltered animals are more likely to bite than altered ones. All cats allowed outdoors must be spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies.

--Keep your dog on a leash: To keep people and pets safe, especially from unfriendly dogs, all dogs must be kept on a leash when in public, except for in designated park areas.

--Pick up after your pet: According to City law, pet owners must pick up pet waste from sidewalks and other public spaces. Failure to clean up after your dog can result in a fine.

--Get your dog to the vet each year: Like you, your dog needs a regular check-up and important vaccinations to stay healthy. Visits to the vet can help you stay on top of any health issues and preventable diseases.

Benefits of Dog Licensing:

--Licensing helps reunite lost dogs with their owners via the dog eLocator system.

--With proof of current dog license and rabies vaccination, your dog can run off-leash in the NYC Parks' dog runs.

--Licensing is important to family emergency preparedness to ensure a dog and its owner are reunited in case of separation during an emergency.

--Information about licensed dogs assists in the medical follow-up of individuals potentially exposed to infected dogs, which is especially important during rabies outbreaks.

--Only licensed dogs can enter outdoor eating areas of restaurants offering "dining with dogs."

--Only licensed dogs are part of the Department's annual popular name announcement.

New York State law requires that all owned dogs be licensed, and dog licenses are also available online at