Amazing X-Ray photos show python swallowed barbecue tongs

(University of Adelaide)

It seems this snake was a little over-eager about his hankering for barbecue sauce.

Winston the python had to be taken to vets at the University of Adelaide because he swallowed some barbecue tongs.

His owner, Aaron Rouse, told ABC in Australia that he was using the tongs to feed Winston a rat when the snake bit off more than he could (figuratively) chew.

After swallowing his snack, the snake latched onto the tongs, too. Unable to pry the tongs away from the snake's mouth, Rouse left Winston alone with the tongs, planning to come back later and try again.

He was shocked when he returned to find the tongs gone. Winston had swallowed the whole thing.

Rouse took his beloved pet to experts at the University of Adelaide. Dr. Oliver Funnell told Australia's ABC that he was not sure at first whether Rouse was serious.

"When Aaron arrived, the snake was in a box and I said 'are you sure he swallowed the tongs?'" he said. "Aaron just laughed because when you opened the box it was obvious what the problem was."

The outline of the tongs was strikingly clear when looking at the snake, Dr Funnell said. After weighing his options, he decided the best route was surgery.

The tongs were safely removed by making an incision and pulling the big end out first, Dr. Funnell explained.

As for Rouse, he said he'll be more careful when feeding Winston in the future.

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