New Jersey woman accused of cyber trolling people across the world

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Friday, May 10, 2019
New Jersey woman accused of cyber trolling people across the world
New Jersey woman accused of cyber trolling people across the world. Chad Pradelli has more on Action News at 11 p.m. on May 9, 2019.

A group of people from across the world have turned to 6abc Action News for help.

They said they're victims of a cyber troll living in South Jersey.

They said the Florence Township woman has harassed them on social media and even swatted them. Swatting is a hoax when police are called to respond to a fake crime.

Now, these people want the woman, named Nibah Gazi, prosecuted by authorities here in New Jersey.

Rangzib Nazir of Manchester, England and others say Gazi has made life a living hell.

Nazir said, "In the span of four days, she claimed that I'd killed my children, I've got other children in the house which I've kidnapped, and I've got guns in my house."

Nazir said police responded to his home multiple times, only to find the phone calls were a hoax.

Others have reported similar incidents, and Gazi has been charged with harassment in the U.K.

Jose Perez of New York said he first met Gazi in an online chat room, like other alleged victims.

"I begged Gazi, 'please stop. Just whatever you want, please stop. Just leave my people alone,'" Perez said.

Perez said when he rebuffed her offer to go out on the town in New York, she began sending him abusive texts and calling his job alleging misconduct. He said she even called police who responded to the Harlem home of his girlfriend's mother.

"Five cops knock on the door. They are yelling, 'Open the door, open the door.' And they are like, 'We need to check your stove.' She is like, 'Why?' 'Oh, there was a phone call to our precinct, the 2-6 precinct, that there was a bomb in the stove and that Jose Perez was behind it,'" Perez recalled.

What should you do if you are harassed online? Defamation attorney David Heim has some advice.

Our investigation found Gazi has a decades-long criminal history with convictions for burglary, filing false reports and harassment.

Matt Lunn is a New Jersey attorney who represented Perez and an alleged victim from Chicago. He was retained after everyone involved began filing formal complaints against each other.

In the end, the judge dismissed all the complaints and said to leave each other alone.

"So what Ms. Gazi seems to be doing is committing these acts all across the country and if somebody complains about her, she'll file this cross complaint," Lunn said.

Nazir filed a private citizen's complaint in Florence Township against Gazi.

She since has filed a cross-complaint.

Police said they're investigating and working with authorities overseas.

Gazi refused our request for an on-camera interview to get her side. Her attorney claimed she's the real victim.

He released the following statement:

"Individuals who are located overseas have been targeting Ms. Gazi, her family and legal counsel with malicious behavior online. These individuals continually post defamatory websites filled with various untrue allegations about her and her family on various media platforms. In addition, they've sent direct threats to my client and now appear to be acting on their threats. Their conduct is criminal and actionable as it is part of a campaign of harassment, stalking, defamation, and privacy violations. They have manipulated and fabricated material and taken it to various media outlets in furtherance of their harassment efforts. There are volumes of unnerving evidence of cyber-bullying and threats of violence (including acid attack and murder) which have left my client 'looking over her shoulder' every day.

I understand these individuals have already contacted you claiming they are the victims instead of the perpetrators which led to your interaction with Ms. Gazi on Tuesday, April 2, 2019. Ms. Gazi has filed criminal complaints about the harassment in the past against these perpetrators."

Florence Township Police released the following statement:

"After reviewing the case we do not have enough probable cause for any complaints against either party for incidents that occurred in Florence Township. We have been involved with investigating incidents involving Ms. Gazi over the past two years. These incidents/cases have been reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office all of whom have come to the same conclusion, that there are no crimes that occurred in Florence Township other than harassment. Ms. Gazi and a resident of Old Ham, United Kingdom have filed cyber bullying complaints against each other through the Florence Township Court and both charges have been downgraded to harassment. I am not aware of the court date for these charges, however, they are being held at the Burlington County Court House at the request of the Florence Township Municipal Court Clerk.

We will continue to investigate this case and in the event our officers develop enough probable cause for a crime that occurred in Florence Township, we will take the appropriate action. We are also in cooperation with the other agencies that are investigating Ms. Gazi for incidents that have occurred in their jurisdictions."