Disney staff helps build new Brooklyn playground, promoting the magic of play

ByStevie Borrello WABC logo
Thursday, October 1, 2015
Several Disney staff went to Lindy Park prior to the major build day to prepare the site for Friday.

BROOKLYN (WABC) -- Disney and WABC-TV employees got to work preparing all of the necessary things to start building a brand new playground in Brooklyn.

There are parks everywhere across New York City, where it is easy to find a spot to sit and read, have lunch or just have the convenience of a go-to hangout place. But for all the parks that are accessible, many of them are missing a crucial component for children: playgrounds.

A playground is more than just a place for children to run around and climb on objects - activities that parents would yell at their children for doing in their homes. It allows them to interact with other children, expand their brains and learn vital communication skills, which is especially important in the technology-driven culture. A playground is a safe place for children to be free to explore and enhance their creativity.

KaBOOM! understands the importance of playgrounds for child development and has built, improved and opened more than 16,300 playground, which has served more than 8.1 million children. Disney and the Sea Gate Association support the work done by KaBOOM! and are taking part in their newest project: a playground build at Lindy Park in Brooklyn.

The official kickoff of the build is at 9 a.m. on Friday, Oct. 2, but Disney staff have already been to the park to help in preparing the site for the big day, by organizing materials, laying out the playground structure and sorting through hardware.

Besides the help of over 200 volunteers from Disney and the Sea Gate Association, there will also be several community volunteers at the build.

Through Disney's Magic of Healthy Living initiative, more than 1,500 children in Brooklyn will have the play-filled childhood that will enable them to thrive and create long-lasting friendships and memories - all from a few monkey bars and swings. The playground is a way for Disney staff members to promote the happiness and well-being of kids and families, which is at the heart of what Disney tries to emphasize and carry out each and every day.

The playground design only further emphasizes the importance of creativity and happiness, as it is based on children's drawings from a special Design Day event that was held in July.

By the end of 2015, Disney's support will bring the magic of play to more than 83,000 children and their families, providing a safe, creative environment for people in Brooklyn to enjoy for years to come.