Republican presidential candidates, hopefuls gather in New Hampshire for summit

NEW HAMPSHIRE (WABC) -- Republicans presidential candidates and possible contenders are gathering in New Hampshire this weekend, attending the first-in-the-nation Republican Leadership Summit.

Those who have announced their campaigns and a some who have said they're still thinking about it converged Friday, as a handful of Republicans didn't wait for the two-day summit to seek traction.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush attended a town hall-style event in Concord called Politics and Pie. There, he acknowledged that if he does decide to formally run, he'll have to prove he's not just trying to put another Bush in the White House.

"First and foremost, I have to show my heart," he said. "Secondly, I have to show I have ideas that make it possible for America to rise up again. And third, I have to show I have the leadership skills not just to yap about it but to do it. And if I do that, then the Bush dynasty thing and the Clinton-Bush deal, all that stuff subsides."

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry participated in a roundtable discussion before speaking to a group at a youth town hall, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent time in New Hampshire this week as well.

The one thing the three have in common is none of them have formally announced plans to make a run at the presidency.

The three Republicans who have -- senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio -- are expected to join them and the rest of the field.

The only Democrat to announce so far has her own plans for the Granite State.

After spending time in Iowa this week, Hillary Clinton's staff says she'll be campaigning in New Hampshire this coming Monday and Tuesday.
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