Rainbows spotted throughout Pope Francis' visit to US

PHILADELPHIA -- It is an oddity, but thousands have been talking about it: Rainbows were frequently spotted throughout Pope Francis' visit.

A trio from Los Angeles saw a spectacular one in New York.

"This is right on top of Madison Square Garden," said Gloria Lucas of Paramount as she showed us a picture on her phone. "Beautiful rainbow, no rain."

TV producer Dawn Piros was busy preparing for the pope's arrival in Philadelphia when she spotted one.

"There (was) a group of eight or nine nuns standing there, but they were looking up," she said. "One of them tapped me and said, 'Look up.' And so I did, and there it was, this beautiful rainbow above the buildings of Philadelphia."

Sophia Lee from Philadelphia took a photo of a rainbow over Saints Peter and Paul Basilica as the pope was celebrating mass inside.

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