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Friday, June 7, 2024
7 On Your Side's budget tips to maximize summer fun
Nina Pineda has seven tips on how to tidy up your budget to splurge on summer fun.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- With Memorial Day behind us, buckle up for the second most expensive season of the year - summer.

That means summer camps, family vacations, beach rentals, road trips, plane tickets, plus pricey activities.

7 On Your Side has 7 tips to tidy up your budget so you can splurge on summer fun.

Nina Pineda has a few summer time money-saving tips.

1) Plug leaks

Start with managing unused subscriptions, and memberships you're not using. It could also be paying for a service that went up in price and you didn't realize. Maybe canceling those premium movie channels if you're not watching them. Bundling services can also help you save money.

2) Tidy accounts

Then, look to sweep those savings and tidy up your accounts. Are you paying fees that you don't need to, like account maintenance, overdraft, or even ATM fees?

If you're paying those fees, it is time to switch banks. Go to a credit union, even online bank accounts offer free checking.

3) Dust up your insurance policies

Insurance policies are things that get dusty, so it's time to dust them off. Take a look at what you are paying for and what the policy covers. You might be able to bundle coverage as well.

4) Scrub away bad spending habits

Remove your Apple Pay, and take your credit card off your phone. It's less easy to spend if it's not just a few clicks. Make it harder to get to that card.

5) Stop spending to save

Buy one get one, or buy 3 get 4th free, if don't need one don't get pulled into the deal.

Don't buy something you really don't need just because it's on sale. In the end, you're not saving any money if you're buying something.

6) Flush out your debt

Credit card interest rates are very high right now, so you might want to start paying more than the minimum. Look into a balance transfer card that could save you interest.

7) Clean up and purge financial documents

Anything that's been lying on the counter or in a drawer for months and months, do a big purge on your documents. Shred and trash paperwork and documents you don't need.



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