Pride takes over Harlem in lead-up to Sunday march

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Saturday, June 24, 2017
Pride takes over Harlem in lead-up to Pride march
Candace McCowan has more.

HARLEM, Manhattan (WABC) -- From the performances to the costumes, there was no shortage of Harlem Pride.

"We are putting Harlem on the map," says Satya 'Supa Nova' Wright.

Hundreds packed into several blocks on Saturday afternoon, and in a weekend of pride events, they say it is this that is unique.

"It's sort of a family reunion feel out here - a festival of sorts," Carmen Neely said.

The community has shown its love for Harlem Pride. This year, the celebration is in a new location along 12th Avenue between 135th and West 138th.

"We were in Jackie Robinson for five years and we outgrew Jackie Robinson Park, so we are really happy for the growth," Neely adds.

"This is my first year here coming, so just exploring and seeing what resources and stuff like that they've got," adds Martin Rivas.

From the newcomers, to those who came from hundreds of miles away.

"The entire world looks to New York to lead - this is where it all happens, this is the cultural diversity epicenter of planet Earth," said Lonnell Williams.

The pride in Harlem is growing.

"It's gotten bigger and better for us. Today it means it's time for us to show the world from Harlem how we celebrate our LGBTQ community," Wright added.

There are several other celebrations at different venues continuing into Saturday night in the neighborhood.