Lobby of Queens condo filled with racist posters and flags

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Lobby of Queens condo filled with racist posters and flags
Josh Einiger reports from the condo in Sunnyside.

SUNNYSIDE, Queens (WABC) -- What would you do if the lobby of your apartment building were filled with racist posters and flags?

If the two 10-foot tall Uncle Sams glaring at you aren't unnerving enough, get a load of the lobby at 47-55 39th Place in Sunnyside, Queens.

There's a swastika and pictures of Hitler and Stalin, a shrine to the confederacy and images of guns.

The building's tongue-in-cheek directory lists notorious Nazis as living there, along with former U.S. Attorney Preet Bahara.

This is no ordinary condo.

"I didn't realize how much control he had over the building," a resident said.

At a normal condo people don't insist we disguise their voices just to talk about the place.

But that's how scared residents say they are of Neal Milano, who sounds like the Archie Bunker of condo presidents.

For years they say he's harassed and threatened mostly minority renters.

His opinions on other races, other people, calling people in the building animals for not sorting the garbage correctly," a resident said. "There's a cross over the door. That's fine to have over your door, but not as a building and a communal space. I find that offensive and hard to handle."

The in-your-face images are part of a larger display designed by Milano, evidently an amateur historian with a penchant for Donald Trump.

In fact residents say people who cross him get rewarded with Trump bumper stickers on their door.

"It is not funny, it is not a joke, this is something that has terrified the people who live in this building," said Jimmy Van Bramer, New York City Councilman.

Councilman Van Bramer is pushing for an investigation into what he calls clear violations of civil rights, and ominous threats of retaliation for speaking out.

"This man is going around telling people he has guns in his apartment," Van Bramer said. "We have 47 units of people who are being held hostage in their own home by this man. That can't be appropriate, that cannot be tolerated."