6 unique properties for rent in New York

NEW YORK (WABC) -- New York City offers thousands of properties available for rent each week -- so a potential new home needs something extra for it to stand out. With the help of StreetEasy.com, ABC7NY pinpointed a few of the most luxurious, historical and even the most haunted properties currently on the market NYC-bound renters.

Location: 232 Adelphi St. in Fort Greene
Prices: $8,925, $7,650 and $5,950
Unique Factor: Converted church

The building at 232 Adelphi St., recently was transformed from a house of worship to houses for rent. This landmarked 1888 Gothic Revival church was once home to St. Mark's Episcopal Church, according to the Brooklyn Eagle. After ministers sold the land and deconsecrated the property, the church sat deteriorating until developers reconstructed it into 12 separate condos - and three are currently on the rental market. With the original Cathedral-esque architecture intact, no two apartments are same, but each unit contains vaulted ceilings, arched windows, stained glass and exposed brick.

Location: 1 E. 62nd St. on the Upper East Side
Prices: $19,000
Unique Factor: Joan Rivers said it's haunted.

Unit 1A was formerly the library of a lavish seven-story limestone mansion designed by famous architect Horace Trumbauer and once occupied by author Ernest Hemingway. Yet what makes the property especially unique is a story from one of its more recent residents - the late Joan Rivers. On an episode of "Celebrity Ghost Stories," Rivers revealed that after purchasing her penthouse suite, she visited on a summer weekend and noticed that the space was frigidly cold. She asked the doorman to turn down the air conditioning, but the doorman replied, "I guess Mrs. Spencer is back." Rivers soon learned that Mrs. Spencer was the niece of J.P. Morgan and once occupied the entire property. Her ghost still considers herself its "great dame." This available neo-French Classic, 1,100-square-foot unit has one bedroom, but any residents should make room for this spectral socialite. And even though Rivers sold her stake in the residence before her death, 1A's future renters shouldn't be surprised to find the former "Fashion Police" host's spirit booing at their closet's fashion faux pas.

Location: 127 East 78th St. on the Upper East Side
Prices: $27,500
Unique factor: This was Marilyn Monroe's East Coast "sanctuary."

When Marilyn Monroe needed to escape the glitz and glam of Hollywood, she dropped by NYC to cozy up in her Upper East Side "sanctuary," according to Harper's Bazaar. Iconic photographer Milton Greene, Monroe's close friend and business partner, owned this 1899 four-story townhouse, now available for rent. The property's garden-level deck and European terrace served as quaint alcoves for Monroe, but the residence itself was by no means devoid of the glitzy and the glamorous. The 3,500-square-foot unit includes fireplace mantels, stained glass from famed Luchow's restaurant, and most impressively, a grand marble staircase, befitting Monroe's many Golden Era gowns. Today's renters calso can revel in the townhouse's modern-day amenities, including a steam shower and Jacuzzi in the full-floor master suite.

Location: 88 India St. in Greenpoint
Prices: $5,400 each
Unique Factor: Converted firehouse

Visitors to the apartments at 88 India St., may not believe that the property was originally a firehouse - it looks too small. But the 120-year-old building predates fire engines, and instead, Brooklyn's 19th-century firefighters relied on horse-drawn carriages. Therefore, the ground floor once housed the engine wagon, hose wagon, stable and feed room, and the firefighters' dormitories occupied the second floor. In one of the converted apartments available for rent, the firehouse director's former office is now the master bedroom. Additional details give the roughly 1,700-square-foot units a historical feel, such as ornate molding, huge factory windows and hardwood floors in original condition. Unfortunately, not all of the original amenities were left intact; future renters won't be able to impress guests by balancing an hors d'oeuvre tray while descending the fireman's pole.

Location: 1705 Second Ave. in the Upper East Side
Prices: $3,875 and $4,995
Unique Factor: Site of the famous Elaine's restaurant

The restaurant Elaine's filled its tables with so many stars that a newcomer once asked for directions to the bathroom and was told to "take a right at Michael Caine." From the late 1960s into the early 2000s, Elaine's was a go-to spot for New York's rich and famous, including Andy Warhol, Liza Minnelli and Mick Jagger. It also served as the venue for Entertainment Weekly's Oscar night parties. Soon after the restaurant's eponymous owner Elaine Kaufman died in 2010, Elaine's shut its doors and was sold. New owners gut-renovated the entire property, and opened 14 apartments for rent along with a tribute restaurant on the ground floor. The two available units have the comforts of new double-paned Crystal windows, black granite countertops and white oak hardwood flooring. But renters can always enjoy the historical significance of their apartments by looking at the 100-year-old exposed brick, listening to Billy Joel's "Big Shot" or watching Woody Allen's "Manhattan."

Location: 125 East 10th St. in the East Village
Prices: $26,500
Unique Factor: Co-owned by Mary Kate Olsen

Tenants don't always have the best relationships with their landlords, but a tenant might want to change this dynamic for a celebrity landlord. Former child star Mary-Kate Olsen and French beau Olivier Sarkozy recently moved out of their 1860 five-story townhouse in the East Village to a more secluded location in Turtle Bay (featuring an indoor garage and exclusive central garden promenade for optimal paparazzi prevention). The East Village property, built by the same architect who designed St. Patrick's Cathedral, has more than enough room for a full house, offering five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a terraced garden and an English kitchen basement. Usually, the famous pair rents their former love nest to other celebs, most recently the cast of the upcoming dramedy "Tallulah." But currently, the townhouse is available to anyone with a good credit score and $26,500 a month to spare.

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