Backstage with Sandy Kenyon: Rita Wilson's breast cancer battle

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Sunday, October 15, 2017
Backstage with Sandy Kenyon: Rita Wilson's breast cancer battle
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Sandy goes backstage with actress and singer Rita Wilson to discuss her journey as a breast cancer survivor

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Actress and singer Rita Wilson underwent breast cancer surgery in 2015, and now, she's doing better than ever with a new show at the Cafe Carlyle that reflects on her journey.

"I think when I wrote ("Grateful"), I was talking about where we get to in our lives," she said. "Where we can look back and say, wow, you know, all of that stuff that was so difficult, that I thought I would never get though, you can get on the other side of it and say wow, but if these things didn't happen, it wouldn't have led me to where I am now."

Her diagnosis came during the run of "Fish in the Dark" on Broadway.

"Having gone through breast cancer and bilateral mastectomy, I feel that every day is a gift," she said. "Doing music, writing music is really the most connected I feel to my creative self, and I hope that all women who have ever had a desire to sort of try something that they've always wanted to do, just do it. Just live life."

Wilson returned to work four weeks after the operation, and she said she was grateful to have the show to go back to in order to normalize her life.

"That was a great thing," she said. "But I want to tell women, don't rush things. Don't rush it. I feel like I could have taken more time off."

She drew strength from her family and from husband Tom Hanks.

"Tom was an incredible support," she said. "So thankful for that."

Her journey to wellness continues at The Carlyle Hotel, where she is performing through October 21. And now, it's all about making the most of every moment.

"I have a song on the first album called 'Say Yes,' and I think that's about that," she said. "Just say yes. Say yes. What could go wrong?"