Best Bets: 7 On Your Side shopping tips to save money in August

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Monday, August 1, 2022
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While prices are sky-high right now for just about everything, you may not know that August is a great time to buy and save. Nina Pineda has the story.

PARAMUS, New Jersey (WABC) -- While prices are sky-high right now for just about everything, you may not know that August is a great time to buy and save.

From grills and AC units to school supplies, 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda has some tips to help you save the most.

If your old air conditioner conked out during the heat wave, now's the time to cool off with a brand new unit. Stores are stocked with air conditioners and fans that didn't sell with prices slashed in half.

Office equipment is an August best buy too -- everything from copiers to desks and chairs will be on sale to set up your work-from-home office.

It's a good time to spruce up your outdoor space too. Patio furniture will be on sale earlier this year thanks to supply chain shortages and inflation, says consumer expert Andrea Woroch.

"They overbought and people were not spending money so now they have an oversupply and it's costing them money because they have to store it in their warehouse so they're actually going to offer bigger deals in August than we've seen in years past," Woroch said.

Retailers will also be cutting the price on lawnmowers. says you can cut the grass for 20% less with end-of-the-season sales.

If you've been holding out on a grill, they're going to start to go on sale in August. They will be cheaper into the fall, but the problem is you may not get the model that you want.

If you're hesitant to pay for a big ticket item you need now, try to shop at a store that has a refund policy.

Best Buy's price match guarantee will match competitors, including online prices.

And PC Richard and Son's 30-day price guarantee goes further to refund customers automatically if the price drops after you take possession of an appliance or anything else that qualifies.

It's also time to stock up on school supplies -- backpacks, pens, pencils and notebooks will be marked to move and so will summer clothing.

Raid the sales racks for swimwear, flip flops and more. Woroch buys her growing girls next year's sizes - -look in the back for clearance racks.

"Sometimes stores are tricky, they'll put full-price merchandise on the same sales rack, knowing that if you grab it and go to check out, you're already committed to that purchase and you'll pay for it full price anyway," Woroch said.

Don't forget to take advantage of tax free holidays -- in certain states like in New Jersey, they are offering tax exemptions on certain school supplies, including laptops.

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