Sandy Kenyon in his own words

Thursday, March 14, 2024
An emotional send-off to Sandy Kenyon
As Sandy Kenyon enters a new, off-camera role at ABC, Eyewitness News celebrates his longstanding career.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Some of my fondest memories of my time here will be the laughs shared with Liz and David on Eyewitness News at 4:00 p.m., the lessons I've learned from them, and the stories we told each other, on-the-air and during the commercial breaks. All that forged a real friendship between us. The bond most definitely includes Lee, who is a car guy just like me.

Speaking of ties that bind, I want to thank each of you who gave me your time and attention through the years. Since the news I'd be leaving, so many of you have gotten in touch, and that's reminded me how thrilling it's been to be part of a community: the community of those who watch Eyewitness News. And those of us who work here.

When I came here 19 years ago, I was told that WABC-TV was a "legacy" station: meaning the tradition of tuning in to Channel 7 was passed down from one generation to the next. Many viewers through the years told me they'd "grown up watching us" and they almost always mentioned their favorite anchors, past and present. I am but a tiny part of this, but that trust you've placed in us makes working here better than working elsewhere.

Another big reason why being here is so cool? The people alongside me every day: the folks behind the camera, the editors and media managers who work to make me look and sound good, the leaders in the newsroom who guide us, my on-air colleagues who so frequently prompt one question: "Are you guys really as good friends as you seem on TV?" The short answer is 'yes'.

I came up in a rough and tumble time in this business, so I appreciate the consideration and, yes, the kindness I have received in our newsroom. I got a second chance here: a second act to a career that I had severely compromised by my own actions. The best part is that I found redemption thanks to you and all the people who have worked so hard alongside me.

I thank them and I thank you.


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