Stars talk skating into 'Saturdays' on Disney Channel, shining in the spotlight

ByJennifer Matarese OTRC logo
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Stars talk skating into 'Saturdays' on Disney Channel
Jennifer Matarese interviews the stars and executive producers of the new Disney Channel series "Saturdays."

NEW YORK -- "Saturdays" follows Paris Johnson, her family, and friends in a new coming-of-age comedy on the Disney Channel.

The show only takes place on the best day of the week, Saturday!

Fourteen-year-old "Paris" (Danielle Jalade) and her best friends, "Simone" (Daria Johns) and "Ari" (Peyton Basnight), made up their own roller skating crew called "We-B-Girlz."

"I feel like we are breaking stereotypes, we are showing all shades of brown, all different types of personalities, in the show," Jalade said. "So, to be able to be the lead of an

an amazing, groundbreaking show like this, it's like, woah!"

Although she finds the rink to be a safe place to hang with her friends, her brother, "London" (Jermaine Harris), and his friend, "Derek" (Tim Johnson Jr.), bring plenty of comedic and sometimes embarrassing situations.

"In skate camp when we went to Chicago, it was really good for me because I wasn't really that good. But I grew in my confidence in my regular skating and then learning tricks and everything, I was like I got it now, I'm good now!" Johnson said.

Executive Producers Marsai Martin ("Black'ish") and Norman Vance Jr. ("Girlfriends," "Beauty Shop," "Roll Bounce") say they wanted the show to feel authentic and highlight the experience of a 14-year-old Black girl.

"Me and my production company, we always want to highlight the experiences of young Black girls in front of the camera and also behind, and making sure we get our spotlight," Martin said.

The cast rounds out with mom and dad, "Cal" and "Deb," played by Omar Gooding and Golden Brooks.

"The amount of energy that they put into that skating, it was mind-blowing," Brooks said. "There's a lot that goes into these 22 minutes, so I feel very honored and very proud to be part of it."

"Ditto!" Gooding said.

"Saturdays" premieres March 24 on Disney Channel. Episodes one through six will be available the next day on Disney+.