New York State leaders hold rally against GOP health care bill

NEW YORK (WABC) -- Senate GOP leaders may have delayed a vote on their health care bill, but leaders in New York State are urging everyone to keep the pressure on lawmakers not to pass it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is leading the charge against the proposed Republican repeal of Obamacare. Monday's event was part campaign rally, part preemptive strike.

"This health plan put forth by this Congress will hurt the people of the State of New York and I'm going to do everything i can to fight this plan," Governor Cuomo said.

Joining the governor at Monday's pep rally in a Mount Sinai auditorium were Mayor Bill de Blasio and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who vowed to sue the federal government if necessary.

"If this inhumane bill ever becomes law, I will go to court to challenge it," Schneiderman said.

New York's Democratic leaders Monday reminded the room full of hospital workers and union employees that the legislation bill could be disastrous for the state economy, gutting hospitals and jeopardizing some 1.2 million healthcare jobs.

"This is not a healthcare bill, this is a wealthcare bill," Mayor de Blasio said.

Born with a pre-existing medical condition, and currently battling her insurer, Tami Luchow says she knows all too well what's at stake.

"LIVES are on the line, I am scared," Luchow said.
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