Service dog stolen from Vietnam veteran outside Bronx supermarket returned

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

MORRISANIA, Bronx (WABC) -- A Vietnam veteran whose service dog was stolen from outside a Bronx supermarket says the dog has been returned.

John Nevarez says someone tied his dog 'Chulo' to a tree in front of the supermarket where he was stolen from on Sunday.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows who the dog belongs to, so they contacted Nevarez.

He was headed to Far Rockaway to look for the dog when he received the news.

"I had to come back from the highway, turn around and come back to see if it's true, and sure enough, they know Chulo," said Nevarez. "And when I parked, Chulo ran almost across the street to me. That's my Chulo, I got him back and I'm happy."

He said surveillance video indicates that the person who returned the dog is the same person who stole him.

"I think his conscience got to him, or maybe he was coming into problems," said Nevarez.

So far there have been no arrests.

The shih tzu is more than a companion - he protects the veteran.

"I have diabetes, and when I get sick, he senses it, and it starts to bark," Nevarez says.

Sunday afternoon around 4:30, John tied up Chulo outside the Associated Spermarket on Third Avenue in the Morrisania section.

He usually takes his service dog inside, but he figured he would be quick. Surveillance showed a man untying Chulo, and walking away with him.