Extreme couponing for the extremely lazy

The Street.com's Lauren Lyons Cole says the first tip to uncracking the coupon code is going online to blogger sites like couponmom.com.

"You want a person who's combing through the deals," says Lyons Cole.

That's what Stephanie Nelson does. She's the coupon mom. Her site www.couponmom.com tells you what's on sale at your local stores and even offers printable coupons to double your savings.

"It's really maximizing it to the point where you get 70 percent off," says Lyons Cole.

Next savings stop, social media. Simply "liking" your favorite brands and stores on Facebook or Pinterest will give you inside deals.

"Following your favorite brands on Twitter," advises Lyons Cole. "And signing up for their emails lists, even Facebook, interacting with the brands you like on a regular basis is the best way to save."

And how about rebates? Lauren says hit sites checkout51.com to get manufacturers to send money back to you.

"There's no reason to pay more for something you can get for less," says Lyons Cole.

We agree, which is why we love redlaser.com. Load the app and it turns your phone into a scanner. Using bar codes it tells you where you can get an item cheaper. That's information you can use to ask for a discount.

And speaking of apps, your grocery store likely has one. Load the app, punch in your loyalty card, and load up coupons which will apply automatically at checkout.

There's no reason to carry or clip coupons. Manufacturers can download the savings to your rewards card. It couldn't be easier.
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