Skiing safety check: 7 things to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the slopes

ByJamie Nguyen & John Sprei WABC logo
freeze ski safety
Amy Freeze with your ski safety checklist.

VERNON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WABC) -- Ski season is in full swing. There are simple steps to take before you hit the slopes to ensure your safety and those around you.

Amy Freeze visited Mountain Creek in Vernon Township, New Jersey and has your seven safety tips.

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1. Wear a helmet.

New Jersey was the first state to require helmets for those 17 and under, but everyone is encouraged to wear one.

Jason Bays, the General Manager of Mountain Creek said, " To keep yourself safe we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet out on the hill?"

2. Use proper equipment.

If you're planning on using your uncles, your brothers or your moms skis. consider modern equipment instead.

Bays said, "Technology has changed so much in skiing even in last 10 years."

Skis and boards are better designed, for smoother, safer snow riding.

3. Prepare for the weather.

Bays said, "Dressing appropriately not only keeps you safe and ensures you don't get frostbite, but makes it a more fun experience."

4. Wear goggles.

They'll prevent windburn and maintain your ability to see in all kinds of conditions.

Bays explained: You have to get the ski goggles in order to see the snow better, but also to keep yourself warm." He also says, "When you're going down fast on the hill, you want to have wind protection as well."

5. Get proper instruction.

Understanding the mountain is so important for both the terrain and your ability.

Ultimately staying out of danger is up to you

6. Ski with a friend and take breaks.

Avoid going out on your own.

Bay said, "Part of skiing and snowboading is sitting around the fire with a nice warm hot chocolate and talking about the stories of the trails that you skied."

7. Respect your limits.

If you are in trouble, know that ski patrol constantly goes out to make sure snow riders are safe.

Bays said, "Always stay in control of yourself at all times. That really means don't go up or down any trail that you're not ready to do."