80-year-old runner Steven Siegel prepares for United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- 80-year-old Steven Siegel from Scarsdale, New York has found the fountain of youth as he prepares for what will be his 515th race since the age of 40.

The spry octogenarian is lining up Sunday for the 102nd Half Marathon at United Airlines NYC Half.

Siegel joined the famed Scarsdale Antiques 40 years ago. These days he trains solo, but has quite a history.

He is now over 31-thousand miles of running, but remembers well his first training run 40 years ago. This half marathon marks his 515th race, in case you're keeping track, because he sure is!

Siegel says he keeps a log of every mile he's ever run. A raggedy composite notebook is where you'll find the details down to the time and temperature. He has a wall of his favorite medals and pictures from the glory days including press releases.

He recalls being in tip top shape when he ran in the Jersey Shore marathon. All memories that comee with wisdom.

He never over-trains like he did back in '86 and says he now limits training runs to six miles or less.

He writes the date on his new shoes to rotate them and recently went to a high cushioning shoe to protect his knees.

Now that the NYC Half will be his first time as 80-years-old, he hopes he places within the first three of the 80 and up.

When suggested to use an app that records your workouts electronically, he said, he prefers to write, see it, and flip back.

Seems like it's gotten him pretty far!

His favorite race course comment comes from a spectator who stated: "They're all so disgustingly healthy!"

See you at the start Steve Siegel!
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