FDNY calendar now a reversible edition with men and women featured, 2 calendars in 1

HERALD SQUARE, Manhattan (WABC) -- Another move in gender equality for the FDNY is happening with their iconic annual calendar release.

Now the women have their own edition.

The 2017 Calendar of Heroes was revealed in Herald Square Friday.

The men of the FDNY calendar may have finally met their match. The hot hard bodies are now on display with a simmering, yet softer side of the department.

"We want to inspire other young ladies," said Melissa Bennett, FDNY Miss December Happy Holidays.

The calendar of heroes will never be the same!

Sisters Daina and Kinga Mielnik, both with more than a decade on the job, are the June cover models.

"It's about time! We are happy that there are enough women on the job to fill a year," Kinga said.

The FDNY now has 49 women on the job compared to more than 10,000 men - likely a reflection of the high physical demand of the job. Fit women who can contend are now on display.

"We work hard to physique to do the job so why not celebrate," said Jazella King, FDNY, Miss October.

"I'm buying it for the women," said Jerome McKensie, a customer.

The men do not have to worry about being outsold. It's a reversible edition, so it's two calendars in one!

You can flip from brawn to beauty and back again.

Fans at Herald Square paid $18 for a double calendar and could meet their favorite model.

"It's all for good cause and raises money and shows evolution of the new fire department," a customer said.

Last year, the bravest in bunker gear raised $200,000 which funded fire safety for 740,000 New Yorkers.
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