Man collects $100 in free stuff on his birthday

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Monday, January 30, 2017
Man banks $100 in free stuff on his birthday
This free birthday celebration has us counting down...

LOS ANGELES, CA -- It's often said that nothing in life is free, but that guy never met Kent Yoshimura.

The Los Angeles YouTuber celebrated his birthday in front of his social media audience, showing off just how much free stuff he could collect in a single day.

From free parking to free food, a free latte and of course, free birthday cake, Yoshimura had us downright impressed, if not a little jealous.

The not-so-big secret: Restaurants and other retailers love giving away birthday goodies, but collecting them all on one day probably feels as good as it looks.

Yoshimura said he was able to make 11 stops during his trek across LA, and it looks like it was one sweet time.