Viral video shows California 4-year-old riding waves

DANA POINT, Calif. -- A cute 4-year-old whose surfing video has gone viral on social media was showing her moves and sharing her tips Friday night.

The smile on pint-size surfer Aviana Zizi says it all as video captured her on her first solo ride.

"It was fun because I like going in the water," she said.

The impressive video shows her surfing off the Southern California coast, and now she's riding a viral wave across the World Wide Web.

"Very proud papa," said her father, Mark Zizi. "She's riding the wave and laughing the whole time, and I'm laughing as I'm chasing her"

The talented tot has been surfing with her father, who is a Los Angeles City firefighter, since she was 2 years old - riding along with him as he taught her how to hang ten.

"I'd put her on the front of the board, paddling out with her, going slow then she'd get really excited and was hooked right away, basically," he said.

Practicing her move in the backyard pool with her baby sister onboard, all leading up to last Tuesday's epic wave.

"I just have such a love for the ocean and decided to share it with her, and she found her own joy in it and wanted to get out there without me even asking her to do it," the proud father said.

Just like a seasoned pro she know the ultimate goal.

"Standing up," she said. "Feels like skateboarding."

So, what's in Aviana's future? Maybe professional surfing?

"I want to be a librarian," said the soon-to-be bookworm ready to read the waves for the perfect ride.
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