The art and creativity of Mexican artisans arrives to New Jersey

Friday, October 2, 2020
Mexican artisans showcase their art and creativity in New Jersey
Solano Exp is giving Mexican artisans the platform to be seen through their art across the U.S.

WEST ORANGE, New Jersey -- Solano Exp. is giving Mexican artisans the platform to be seen for their creativity and individuality.

Working hand in hand with Gabriela Tutalo, a Mexican-American entrepreneur and founder of Solano Exp., the sophisticated pieces of jewelry, clothing, and home goods crafted by Mexican artisans can now be purchased and appreciated in New Jersey and across the country.

"Usually, many of them have to work outdoors, in the rain or heat, until they sell these items. I just wanted to instill awareness in consumers and what it means to own a product of this magnitude, made by Mexican artisans," said Tutalo.

Using traditional colors and materials, the artisans reflect the vibrancy of Mexican culture in their high-end products, which Tutalo later markets and sells online.

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Tutalo's mission to ensure artisans are paid for their elaborate pieces of art, as well as her love for Mexican culture, is what drives her to continue this business; despite the challenges and time-consuming effort of traveling to oversee the production of these products.

"I started with handbags, palm products made in Guayacan, Puebla, earrings, and jewelry made in Oaxaca, and when I would visit Guadalajara or Guanajuato, I would purchase leather products, with a style and colors that women can wear to work here in New Jersey and New York," said Tutalo.

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Through her work and her business, Tutalo hopes to continue spreading her love and appreciation of Mexican artisans for their creativity and hard work to create these one of a kind products.

"Solano Exp is the love I have for Mexico and the experience I want to bring other people with handcrafted products," said Tutalo.


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