This unbelievable World Series gives us a Game 7

NEW YORK (WABC) -- It doesn't matter what sporting event it is, a Game 7 in any sport is worth tuning in for. The "all hands on deck" approach, or the "all or nothing" attitude is preached on both sidelines. Or in this case, the dugouts.

Wednesday night, we'll be treated to the decisive game in the 2017 World Series.

While some might not have a rooting interest for a specific team, a Game 7 carries enough energy and excitement to generate interest for those who are not even baseball fans. And it is a diversion we all could use.

This series alone has been outstanding and has grabbed the intrigue of those who don't follow baseball. Extra innings, back and forth leads and go-ahead home runs to only see those leads disappear the next half inning has kept fans tuned in.

This series has had both teams combine for a record 24 home runs, and no lead has been safe at any time. The Dodgers and Astros are giving us a decisive "winner take all" game. This is what you play for, and the way this series has gone, it shouldn't be determined in anything less than seven games.

This has been a great showcase for baseball, but more importantly, the deviation combined with unity a simple game can create.

There's a continuity with baseball in America, and Wednesday's game 7 is sure to exaggerate society's need for something good. The pageant that takes place Wednesday evening in Los Angeles against Houston will be a significant end to this World Series.

Baseball needed this Game 7 to happen, and our country needed it as well.
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