Leah Still takes part in Temple University's 'Cherry and White' game

PHILADELPHIA -- High in the air, 4-year-old Leah Still flipped the coin for Temple University's Cherry and White game.

She may be tiny but she's tough, tougher than any of the guys on the field, including her NFL dad - Cincinnati Bengals player Devon Still.

Leah dominated cancer and on Saturday, she dominated the field - scoring a touchdown in the first play - complete with an end-zone dance.

"She loves playing football, me and her play football a lot but for her to be able to play on a football field with a whole team running and blocking - for her I know she enjoyed that," said Devon Still.

Still and Leah's pre-surgery fist-bump on social media made her famous.

Leah is now in remission from stage 4 neuroblastoma and spent most of this year at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where she underwent surgery and chemotherapy.

Her story made national news, sales of her dad's jersey went to the Cincinnati's children's hospital and Still snapped photos of his daughter throughout the whole ordeal.

While here in Philadelphia, Still needed a place to practice so the Delaware native and Nittany Lion turned to Penn State buddy Jeremy Scott, who is Temple's strength coach.

In turn, Leah taught the team a life lesson.

"It's great to have her around - the kids love her. Again it's a reminder to them what real courage is," said Coach Scott.

"It's more than any player I've met. It's not just her toughness - every child with cancer I've met, their strength is truly amazing," said Still.

Leah switched to pom-poms, telling us her favorite part of the day:

"Cheering with the cheerleaders," Leah said.

"Cheerleader, she wants to be a cheerleader bad, I don't have to worry about her playing football," said Still.

In May, Leah has a stem cell procedure then hopefully she'll go back to being a kid again.

This isn't Leah's last time at temple, she still has doctor's visits at CHOP so she'll definitely be back at the training facility or the field with her dad in the coming months.
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