Mikhail Prokhorov still a bachelor despite Nets' failure to win title

ByMike Mazzeo ESPN logo
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

His five-year championship plan failed, yet Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov remains a bachelor.

That was the biggest takeaway during his two-minute message to fans, which appeared on the team's official website Tuesday.

After taking control of the Nets in 2010, Prokhorov had promised to get married if the Nets did not win a title by 2015.

"You may remember my promise to get married if we didn't win a championship within five years. Sadly to say, five years have passed, and today I am very happy to say that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has agreed to take the plunge in my place," Prokhorov said. "Adam, you are much better man than me. Thank you very much, and I wish you and your new bride every happiness."

The Nets went all-in to try to win a championship under Prokhorov, acquiring the likes of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Gerald Wallace in exchange for a multitude of first-round draft picks. But despite spending approximately $400 million in player salaries and luxury taxes since the team moved to Brooklyn three seasons ago, Prokhorov's Nets managed to win just one playoff series over that span.

This offseason, Brooklyn has gone in a different direction, shedding costs and getting younger. Williams and the Nets agreed to a $27.5 million buyout, and Brooklyn is not expected to pay any luxury taxes. Prokhorov did not make any mention of Williams in his message to fans.

"We had a really good offseason -- better than a lot of people expected," Prokhorov said. "Without a lot of noise, we got a lot better.Brook [Lopez]and Thaddeus [Young]are staying with us, which gives uscontinuity in our frontcourt. Joe Johnson stays as a core player. We also have high expectations for Bojan Bogdanovic, who showed real flashes of brilliance in his first year of the Nets.

"Some of you have noticed a shift in our approach. You'll see a team that is younger and more athletic this season. Our approach has been more strategic. We're making all necessary moves to be set up well for the future.

"But one thing remains constant -- and make no mistake about it -- we're here to win, and we'll do whatever we can together with all of you rooting for us."