Steelers WR Antonio Brown to pay tribute to Jose Fernandez, Kimbo Slice

ByJeremy Fowler ESPN logo
Friday, October 14, 2016

PITTSBURGH -- Steelerswide receiverAntonio Brown's latest pair of cleats features a posthumous tribute to South Florida athletesJose Fernandez and Kimbo Slice.

Brown, who is from Miami, tweeted images of the cleats Friday afternoon. The Steelers visit theDolphinson Sunday.

Slice, a former MMA fighter, died in June due to heart-related issues. Fernandez, a Miami Marlins ace, died last month in a boat accident.

Marlins players Dee Gordon and Tom Koehler tweeted their appreciation of the gesture to Brown.

The NFL has told Brown for three straight weeks that he must take off customized cleats or he couldn't continue playing. Brown has attempted to play in customized cleats with three different designs featuring his four children, Arnold Palmer and Muhammad Ali.

When asked whether Brown would take off the shoes pregame to avoid further issues with NFL uniform inspectors, Brown said, "I'm going to follow the rules in regards to the guidelines of the NFL. Just looking forward to being out there with the right color and the right shoes on."

Brown was fined in Week 1 for wearing baby blue cleats, but he avoided a fine the last few weeks after taking the cleats off upon NFL request.

Between uniform violations and "sexually suggestive" touchdown celebrations, Brown has paid nearly $46,000 in fines through five weeks.

"I pay my fines, I paid my tolls, my insurance, pay my child support -- I pay everything," Brown said Friday. "I pay you guys attention right now."