Yankees-Astros: NYC Dept. of Sanitation trolls Houston for 2017 scandal

ByBrianna Williams ESPN logo
Thursday, March 28, 2024

Even on MLB Opening Day 2024, the Houston Astros, who host the New York Yankees at Minute Maid Park (4:10 p.m. ET, ESPN+), are still being reminded of their 2017 sign-stealing scandal.

This time around, it wasn't a specific team or player to throw shade at Houston, but rather the New York City Department of Sanitation's social media account.

The post refers to Houston's confirmed sign stealing that occurred during the 2017 season -- the same year the franchise won its first World Series.

A 2019 investigation by MLB confirmed the Astros illegally stole signs, but the league did not vacate their championship.

In 2020, multiple players apologized for their role in the scheme, including Jose Altuve, who was the 2017 AL MVP and is the longest-tenured player on the Astros' roster.

"The whole Astros organization and the team feel bad about what happened in 2017. We especially feel remorse for the impact on our fans and the game of baseball," Altuve said.

Houston won its second title in 2022.

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