Spotify is helping shelter dogs find new homes based on owners taste in music

Spotify wants to help connect owners and dogs on the basis of musical taste. The streaming service has partnered with a dog adoption center and agency Serviceplan in Germany to launch 'Adoptify', which tests different playlists on dogs, figures out what kind of music they respond best to, and pairs them with the humans that share their taste.

The moved is based on a recent study conducted by the University of Glasgow has discovered that dogs have their own individual taste in music - just like humans do.

The campaign features cute pups rocking it to their favorite tunes. Ray, the French bulldog, loves electronic music, Moshi finds opera and classical music soothing, Gloria is down with hip-hop, while Milow's jam is rock and roll. You can watch videos of the pups and choose to take one home that matches your own musical tastes.

"As animal welfare officers, we attach great importance to any kind of original communication and increased awareness among the wider population," adds Jillian Moss, head of PR, advertising and fundraising at the Tierschutzverein München e.V. animal shelter told AdWeek. "We are proud to be pulling together with our two Adoptify partners, who are both market leaders in their respective sectors."
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