Power restored at Spring Creek Towers in Starrett City

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

STARRETT CITY (WABC) -- Fire crews responded to reports of a large scale power outage at Spring Creek Towers in Starrett City, Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon, but power has since been restored.

According to Devorah Fong, a spokeswoman for Spring Creek, the emergency reached three alarms before the process of restoring the power began.

Emergency responders checked the elevators to make sure that everyone was okay.

Two hours after the outage began, 5 of the 8 sections of the development were back up. And shortly after that all power returned. They have to bring the power back up in sections slowly because it would be too much for the system if they put it on all at once.

There were no reported injuries.

The housing development in Brooklyn contains more than 5,800 apartment units in 46 buildings.

The development assumed the name of Spring Creek Towers in 2002, though it is still popularly known as Starrett City.