Long Island Stroller Strong Mamas get fit while pushing their kids along for the workout

RIVERHEAD, New York (WABC) -- Long Island's Stroller Strong Mamas is a group that's putting the work back into working out, by incorporating vigorous exercise using their kids inside their strollers.

Owner, Rachel Goodale started the group when she had her son and noticed that she could get through an entire workout with him in the stroller, that's when Stroller Strong Mamas was born. More moms started to come to the classes Goodale teaches throughout the week incorporating squats, lunges, and other exercises while using the stroller.

"There's that mom guilt feeling where you're taking time for yourself and your child is just sitting in the stroller, but they are not just sitting in the stroller they are taking everything in," said Goodale. "Taking the time for yourself and making the time for yourself is so important."

During the summer most of the classes are outside, but as the weather starts to become chilly more studio classes are incorporated.

"My son is six and a half weeks and I love that I can get that workout," said mom Allison Caserta. "I know that he is safe here with me in the stroller, I'm not quite ready for a gym with daycares yet, so this is great we can workout outside and bring our little ones with us."


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