Students may need to retake ACT after answer sheets go missing for Long Island school

ROSLYN HEIGHTS, Long Island (WABC) -- More than 50 students who took the ACT college admission test at a Long Island school may have to take it again.

"It was a little upsetting. I didn't think my test specifically would have this problem," said Camryn Kozech, a student.

Camryn can't believe she is one of the 53 high school students whose ACT answer sheets have been lost.

The students took the test in October at Roslyn High School.

Camryn is only a junior, so she wasn't too stressed about getting her results.

She thought it was strange though when her friends began getting their scores and she didn't.

"The website said they were posting scores every Wednesday and Friday up to December 27th. So every Wednesday and Friday, I would check just to see if the score was posted and it never really came up," Camryn said.

The ACT coordinator at the high school reportedly told the testing service that all proper protocols were followed on the day of the test.

A spokesperson for the ACT told Eyewitness News, "ACT has worked with the courier service to track possible missing materials and an extensive search of the test center has been conducted but the missing answer documents have not yet been found. We are taking every possible step to locate the answer sheets and are hopeful that they will be found soon."

In the meantime, ACT is offering for the students to take the test again for free at Roslyn High School on Jan. 14th. They also are Refunding their original registration fee.
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