Suspected DUI driver smashes into 27 vehicles in 2 Philadelphia neighborhoods

OXFORD CIRCLE -- A man suspected of drunk driving was taken into custody, but not before police say he smashed into a total of 27 vehicles in two Philadelphia neighborhoods early Sunday morning.

The suspect is accused of smashing into ten cars along the 1400 block of Devereau Avenue around 3 a.m.

He then allegedly struck more vehicles on at least four other streets in Oxford Circle and in the city's Lawndale section.

"When we walked out to our car, we almost got to our car and this driver, smoke everywhere, was coming. He turned and we almost got hit by it," said Colton Hawk.

Hawk says he called 911 on the out of control driver.

Elizabeth Occhiolini also witnessed the chaos.

"He hit the black car first. And then he hit the red and the grey, and then his car turned (sideways) and caught on fire," Occhiolini said. "And then his car would only drive sideways, so he hit every car on both sides of the street."

Witnesses say the driver, who appeared drunk, eventually ditched the SUV and ran.

Officers caught up with the 38-year-old driver on the 7100 block of Large Street.

He's facing a long list of charges.
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