Pair of 4-year-olds steal spotlight at Annual T-Rex Race in Washington

Thursday, August 31, 2023
Pair of 4-year-old best friends steal spotlight at T-Rex race
A pair of four-year-old best friends captured the hearts of many at the annual T-Rex race in Washington State.

WASHINGTON -- A pair of four-year-olds stole the spotlight at the Annual T-Rex Race in Washington State.

The two suited up in dinosaur costumes and kicked off the race holding hands.

Alex Schooley and Sydney Petree weren't upset about coming in last place. They were certainly happy to just be a part of the event.

"To watch those two little T-rexes start to waddle, they were trying to run but it was more of a waddle," said Nathan Schooley, Alex's father.

Alex and Sydney said running in their dinosaur costumes was super hard, but they had fun.

This duo captured the hearts of many as they persevered across the finish line together.

"Definitely an amazing best friend moment," said Wes Petree, Sydney's father and race organizer. "The first thing she said to me when she crossed the finish line was dad we won, we won!"

CNN contributed to this report.