State senator fighting to help Queens widow hit with $20,000 tax bill

Saturday, January 1, 2022
State senator fighting to help Queens widow hit with $20,000 tax bill
NJ Burkett has more on the state senator fighting to help a Queens widow hit with a $20,000 tax bill.

LITTLE NECK, Queens (WABC) -- A woman in Queens is facing a tax bill of more than $20,000 -- but the problem is it's a mistake that hasn't been easy to get fixed.

Livia Boyadjian has lived in her home on Annandale Lane in Little Neck Queens for 44 years. And except for a small addition in 1991, it's the same house. But last year, her property tax bill doubled, overnight. From $10,000-to more than $20,000.

To say she was shocked would be an understatement.

"Here all of a sudden the tax doubles, this is exactly when the error occurred, where my assessed value doubled," she said. "What caused this error? I mean, maybe my property was confused with another property in the area."

Boyadjian was being assessed for $700,000 worth of new construction that never happened. She says she spent months calling multiple city agencies to correct the mistake, but got nowhere. All the while, she was paying the new charges because she felt she had no choice.

"If I don't I get fined," she said. "I get interest attached to it. I get penalties. So that's why I keep paying in the hopes that eventually this matter will be resolved and, you know, I can move forward with the rest of my life."

Boyajian said she has nothing to hide, and has asked the city finance department to send an inspector here to see the property, firsthand. A request they denied, insisting it was 'unnecessary.'

She finally contacted her state senator, John Liu who said the runaround is inexcusable.

"The issue here is that there is clearly a mistake on her property tax bill, probably just a clerical error," Liu said. "But unfortunately, 10 months have expired. And she still has no resolution on this matter."

Liu says his office has contacted the city's Department of Finance. But, so far, the mistake has yet to be corrected. And the next tax payment is due on Monday.

"I mean, I can't afford to get angry at the Finance Department, I just hope the situation will stop," Boyajian said.

City officials could not be reached for comment because of the holiday.

Boyadjian says she understands, and that mistakes happen. But that they can and should be corrected.

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NJ Burkett has the Eyewitness News exclusive.


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