Stolen teddy bear with recording of late mother's voice returned after tweet from Ryan Reynolds

A now famous teddy bear has been returned to its rightful owner after a four-day disappearance that caught the attention of actor Ryan Reynolds.

Mara Soriano, 28, is the bear's owner. She might be a little old to be carrying around teddy bears, but this bear is unique.

It has a recording of her late mother saying in Tagalog, "I love you; I'm proud of you; I'll always be with you." The bear is a way for Soriano to always have her mother nearby.

The bear went missing when it was stolen in a bag that also contained Soriano's iPad, a Nintendo Switch and other important items--but none more important than the bear.

Reynolds saw the story and tweeted that he would give a $5,000 reward to whomever returned the bear.

That apparently worked.

On Wednesday, Soriano tweeted a photo of her hugging the precious item. She credited the "Deadpool" star for the teddy's safe return.

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