Austin mom brings new meaning to words 'cover up' in viral breastfeeding photo

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Thursday, August 9, 2018
Post of woman responding to a request to cover-up goes viral
Post of woman responding to a request to cover-up goes viral

AUSTIN, Texas -- A Texas mom who was told to cover up while she was breastfeeding did exactly what she was asked, but it's the way she did it that's grabbing attention.

Melanie Libson Dudley told Good Morning America she was at a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas feeding her 3-month-old son, and on top of that, it was hot outside.

"It was 95 degrees, humid and my back was toward the restaurant," Dudley explained to GMA. "I was feeding my baby -- covered -- and it was extremely hot and sticky."

Dudley said that's when she tossed the cover, but someone in their dinner party wasn't happy about it.

"A man within our party said I needed to cover up because they did not want to see my exposed breast. I was speechless and told my husband to hand me my cover and I put it over my head as a sarcastic gesture," Dudley said.

Dudley's husband snapped the photo seen 'round the world showing Dudley with the cover over her face instead.

The photo was then posted on Facebook by a family friend. It's been shared more than 200,000 times, and appears to have struck a nerve with people on both sides of the debate to cover up.

"Sorry, but when feeding there is no need to expose one's whole breast. A simple cloth can cover for modesty and respect for others," one user said.

Another person added, "I love this. No one cares about other's respect when it comes to our own children. Don't look and stare or cover your face and go away. Simple as that."

Either way, Dudley believes her story has gone viral because "it's a topic that resonates with a lot of women, and they're just tired of (breastfeeding in public) being up for discussion."

Dudley is from Austin and is also a mom to 4-year-old twin boys.


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