Chris nearly self-destructs with Becca on 'The Bachelorette'

ByJennifer Matarese via WABC logo
Tuesday, July 3, 2018

NEW YORK -- Viva Las Vegas, Bachelorette style! The guys were overwhelmed with the amazing view from their Las Vegas hotel room. Becca quickly arrived and welcomed them and it was like a big party right off the bat. They drank champagne and jumped on the beds as they explored the suite. The next day, a date card arrived for Colton and read, "Let's ride off into the sunset together."

On their one-on-one date, Becca and Colton went off to the desert and boarded some camels! They went for a ride where they clumsily tried to hold hands as they rode the camels, but it was nearly impossible! It looked like a very wobbly ride. Once they were done, they got off the camels and into a hot tub, because it wouldn't be "The Bachelorette" without a hot tub. Colton talked to Becca about how they overcame the "Tia" situation. Becca said that the more she is with Colton the more comfortable she becomes.

Later they went to a restaurant at the Sage where they both said that they had one of the best days ever. Colton said that it was amazing when she told him that they were on the same page. He added that he never had that in his past relationship because he never felt like he was enough. His ex broke up with him and it was really hard for him because he was in love and he seemed to associate love with confusion and pain. That made Becca really sad to hear that. He told her that she was helping him bring his walls down. Becca appreciated that and offered Colton the date rose which he happily accepted! Then they boarded an open air bus and made out on top, the other guys even saw the bus go by!

Another date card arrived and it was for Wills, Garrett, Blake, John, Conner, Leo, Lincoln, Jason, and Chris. It read, "I'm looking for my Mr. Las Vegas. That meant that David and Jordan would go on the dreaded two-on-one date. The group date guys rolled into an estate, and it belonged to Mr. Wayne Newton! He strolled up to the group of guys and one of them even described it as "magical." His place is amazing and crazy! Many things are gilded in gold! Wayne tasked the guys with writing a song for Becca to his famous tune "Danke Schoen." Wayne told the guys they would have to perform their songs while wearing tuxes in front of a crowd in Vegas.

Wayne opened the show by telling the crowd they would see a show like they've "never seen before and would never see again." They all laughed! Becca joined him at a private table and the guys did their best to entertain her. Chris thought he was the best, and it was pretty decent! The crowd sure loved it and so did Becca! I think they all get an "A" for effort!

Chris went into the second portion of the date feeling very confident that he would get the rose. The guys joined Becca in a suite overlooking the Golden Knight's arena, which is a cool setting for a date. Becca meanwhile told Garrett that she loved his song and that she hasn't forgotten about him since their one-on-one. They have such a great rapport! Chris waited to get his one-on-one time with Becca and acted super confident and told the guys that at this point he's not nervous. Blake took Becca outside and told her that he's falling in love with her! He passionately kissed her and Becca said that she's one of the happiest girls in the world. After not even talking to Chris, she decided to give the date rose to Blake. Chris was obviously upset and said that he's hurt. He said that he's even considering going home.

The date card for David and Jordan read, "Meet me in the valley of fire." The guys took Jeeps out to the valley where they met up with Becca in the middle of nowhere. They got in Becca's Jeep and went for a bumpy ride together. She pulled David aside first to chat. David used his time to talk about Jordan not being there for the "right reasons." He said that Jordan was in the casino and looking at other girls. David says that Jordan said that he would "settle" for Becca. Is that true, who knows? Becca was very upset and she went right to Jordan to ask him if he wants to date other people and other models. Jordan called David a liar. Jordan says that he owns the things he says and does and he didn't do those things. Jordan told Becca that he's watched his dad love his mother for more than 20 years despite her mental illness. He said it was a difficult childhood, but his dad was very inspiring to him. Jordan told Becca that David is a liar who doesn't know him and grasping at anything to bring him down.

Jordan confronted David about him telling Becca that he said that he would be settling for her. Jordan called David "worse that Arie." Then said he'd like to shove his foot in a choice location of David's body. Becca said she's frustrated by the way the day has gone. She told them they were petty and annoying and walked away. The guys started arguing again! Becca returned, sat between them, and then decided to part ways with David! He sat there in complete disbelief that he had been let go and Jordan got to stay. Becca decided to continue the date with Jordan, but didn't give him the date rose just yet.

Later, Jordan and Becca headed to a romantic evening where they could talk and get to know each other. Jordan asked Becca what a weekend looks like for her and she talked about spending time outdoors and going to church with her girlfriends. Then Jordan said that he spends a lot of time at the gym. Becca asked how accurate the movie "Zoolander" was and he said "very." Ha! Jordan did a lot of his modeling faces and talked about his porfolio. He didn't spend a lot of time asking Becca about herself. He landed an ill-timed kiss, but Becca started laughing about his gold underwear. Becca picked up the date rose and told him that she couldn't give it to him and that they wouldn't catch up to where her other relationships are. Becca walked him out and told him to "keep laughing," and he said he'd try. Jordan was bummed, but he was happy she said that she'd never met anyone like him.

Finally, it was rose ceremony and cocktail party time. Becca pulled Chris aside first and she wanted to know why he didn't want to talk to her on the last group date, and she also revealed to him that she heard that he might want to go home. She told him that she felt like he didn't take the initiative to talk to her or find her. Becca was upset that he threw a fit and said that he wanted to go home. Becca said she needed some time to think about things and Chris was falling apart. He told Colton and Garrett that he didn't want to go home and he nearly broke down into tears. So, he decided to interrupt Becca and Wills and Becca basically told him no, but Wills was an awesome sport about it and he decided to give them two minutes. Chris apologized and told her that he let his emotions get the better of him the other night and was still apologizing when Wills came back. Wills asked him to leave and Chris begged for more time, but Wills told him that his time was important too and stood there and waited for Chris to get up and leave. Becca just sat there in silence. I wish that Becca would say what she wanted, but then she told Chris that she would come find him in a bit. He begged for five more minutes, but Wills said no! Becca told Chris that she already said that she would come find him, so he should take her for her word. Garrett defended Wills, but Chris said he needs the time more, and the guys said that they all have the right to build their own relationships. Becca walked back in and asked for Chris. He apologized again and told her he was just scared and he wants her to believe him.

Then it was time for Becca to give out the roses. Becca gave roses to:

1) Colton (one-on-one)

2) Blake (group date rose)

3) Garrett

4) Jason

5) Wills

6) Lincoln

7) Leo

8) Connor

9) Chris

That meant that poor John who did nothing wrong got cut and Chris will get a second chance. Becca announced to the remaining men that they would be heading to Richmond, Virginia. Next week, the guys do a pretend political event and have a date in a gorgeous hotel. Then we got a look at the rest of the season, and there appears to be a lot of tears! It's going to be a great rest of the season.