'The First Omen,' a chilling prequel to 'The Omen' revisits franchise with new perspective

The main character is a 'really cool addition to a franchise that's pretty masculine.'

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Wednesday, April 3, 2024
'The First Omen,' revisits 'The Omen' franchise with new perspective
'The First Omen' is the newest installment to 20th Century Studios' 'The Omen' series.

LOS ANGELES -- "The First Omen" is 20th Century Studios' newest installment to "The Omen" franchise, a chilling prequel to the classic horror movie.

"The Omen" franchise has scared viewers for almost 50 years, and now, it's back with a fresh take on the main character.

We follow Margaret, played by Nell Tiger Free, a young woman who uncovers a terrifying plan to bring about the birth of evil.

"Getting the opportunity to become a part of this world and this lore and legacy is so exciting. It's such a cool, trippy thought that now I'm a part of this universe," Free told On The Red Carpet.

Director Arkasha Stevenson explained, "We were so taken aback in a really excited way to see that the main character would be a young woman, and I think that's a really cool addition to a franchise that's pretty masculine."

Telling the story from a female perspective breathes a fresh life into the franchise, and despite the new take, audiences can expect the movie to be just as terrifying as its predecessors.

Bill Nighy, who plays Lawrence, said, "She's a horror freak, a friend of mine. She said 'I was traumatized.' But she said I was traumatized with a big grin on her face. Like that's a good thing. You make this appointment with fear. You go to a place where you know they're going to frighten the hell out of you! But obviously a lot of people dig that kind of thing."

If you dig that sort of thing, check out "The First Omen" when it arrives in theaters Friday, April 5.

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