Oil drilling company claims clothing brand rejected order

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Saturday, December 12, 2020
North Face refuses to print oil and gas company jackets, officials claim
"I was stunned. I'm proud of our industry. The virtue of our business is just poorly understood by folks." Press play to hear how the CEO of the oil and gas firm reacted.

HOUSTON, Texas -- A Houston oil and gas company attempting to buy jackets from The North Face, was rejected by the clothing company, an official claims.

Innovex Downhole Solutions, a company that sells products used in drilling, wanted to order company jackets as Christmas presents for its employees, according to CEO Adam Anderson.

But, when the company tried to place an order, Anderson said The North Face rejected their business claiming they don't support the oil and gas industry in the same way they would reject the porn or tobacco industry.

The North Face is known for its environmental brand messaging.

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"My first reaction was that I was stunned," said Anderson. "I'm very proud of what our industry does, and I feel like our industry and the virtue of our business is just poorly misunderstood by folks."

Anderson went viral after writing a four-page letter on the North Face LinkedIn page about how important the oil and gas industry is to everyday life.

ABC13 reached out to the clothing company for comment, but they have not responded.