Philly Theatre Week leaps onto the stage

ByTom Kretschmer Localish logo
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Philly Theatre Week leaps onto the stage
The amazing Jenna Kuerzi steps onto the stage portraying Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in her newest play to kick off Philly Theatre Week.

PHILADELPHIA -- Philly Theater Week returned to stages all around the city in late March.

It's an 11-day celebration of everything theater, with dozens of performances scheduled around our viewing area from more than 40 theater companies.

Jenna Kuerzi is one such actor and writer participating in the celebration.

She's an actor, writer, producer, and candle maker. Her one-woman play, Johnny Depp! (A Retrospective on Late-Stage Capitalism) can be seen at Fergie's Pub for a nine-show run starting March 30th during the festivities.

"I see in the audience a community willing to take risks and see new things. Not just go to the same theater they've always gone," she explains. "I've seen people who walk into Fergie's or any theater with a show saying I know there's a play here, I just don't know what it's about but I'm willing to see something weird. And I think that's a really beautiful thing about creating a play in Philadelphia."

She says great things can happen when you move out of your comfort zone.

Two things she was afraid of was being on stage alone and audience improvisation. And performing this play of hers, she's conquered those fears and loves every time she gets on the stage.

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