Wait, so a home in SF will actually get a 'verified badge crest?' Yes, says local artist

ByReggie Aqui via KGO logo
Wednesday, March 17, 2021
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SF home to get 'blue check' similar to being Twitter verified

SAN FRANCISCO -- Apparently, the joke is on us. San Francisco artist Danielle Baskin went viral after her tweet saying you can get a "verified badge crest' on your home. She does stunts like this as a joke, but if there's enough interest these jokes can actually become serious projects -- and there is plenty of interest.

Baskin said she received more than 690 applications to get that badge as a crest on their actual home. "Not everyone is verified or famous, some people have 50 Instagram followers and do nail polish reviews. I'm like, 'Why do you want one of these?' I'm actually very curious, do they just appreciate the joke or do they really want one to signify they're a celebrity?" Baskin said.

Baskin smiled when saying there is a 40-person committee reviewing applications. She committed to doing at least one real crest. The price tag? A cool $2,999.99.

She got the idea after seeing actual crests on homes and figured the checkmark is the modern-day equivalent of a crest to show an "important" person lives at that house.

So what does this say about us? "People do desire to become a brand and sort of become this dignified person," Baskin said. "That is, sort of, in the backburner of everyone's mind to show everyone that they are verified. I think that's what the internet wants you to aspire to be."

Twitter-verified Reggie Aqui talks to Baskin more about it in the video above.