Cold weather busts heating coil inside animal hospital in Manhattan, 10 pets killed

UPPER WEST SIDE (WABC) -- The frigid weather contributed to a deadly accident at an exotic animal hospital in Manhattan.

It happened Monday morning at the Center for Avian and Exotic Medicine on the Upper West Side.

Officials say a heating coil burst, sending scalding water and steam throughout the facility.

The building suffered major damage.

Of the 30 exotic animals inside, 10 were killed.

The hospital released a statement saying, "While the damage to the practice is devastating, the real horror is that some of our beloved patients did not survive. Words cannot express how devastated the owners are, and how terrible the entire staff feels for them.

"Not only did we lose precious lives, but now with the overwhelming water damage, we are unable to see appointments here. More animals that we cannot help."

If you'd like to help the hospital reopen please visit:
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